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How to Calculate Workers’ Compensation Benefits

The workers’ compensation system pays three primary benefits: the cost of medical care, temporary disability benefits, and permanent disability benefits. Since most medical expenses are paid as they are incurred, those benefits do not usually need to be calculated....

Who Qualifies for Workers Compensation?

A Santa Rosa workers’ compensation lawyer explains how injured workers become entitled to benefits California law allows injured employees to receive benefits for a work-related injury. While that seems like a simple concept, Santa Rosa workers’ compensation lawyers...

Workers Comp Issues to Watch for in 2017

A Santa Rosa workers’ compensation lawyer examines new legal issues that might affect injured employees in 2017 Workers’ compensation law in California changes every year. Dedicated Santa Rosa workers’ compensation lawyers keep track of those changes as part of our...

Workers Comp: What to Do When You Are Injured at Work

A Santa Rosa workers comp lawyer explains the steps an employee should take after suffering a work-related injury Employees who are injured at work are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. To protect the right to receive all the benefits the law allows,...

How Long Can You Be on Workers’ Compensation?

A Santa Rosa workers’ compensation lawyer can help injured workers receive temporary disability benefits Employers and their insurance companies frequently complain that injured workers use the workers’ compensation system to get a “free ride” by receiving temporary...

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