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Workplace Safety Violation and Workers’ Compensation

When a workplace is unsafe, there is a greater than average risk for injuries to occur in the workplace. There are certain rules that employers must follow to protect their employees. There are both federal rules for workplace safety and California State rules that...

Returning to Work After a Workplace Injury – What to Know

After suffering a work-related injury or illness, your main goal will be to recover from the injury or illness. After your health and recovery, your next goal will be to return to work in your former capacity. In many workers’ compensation cases, an injured worker is...

How Does Workers’ Comp Work When You Have Two Jobs?

Workers’ compensation cases can become a bit more complex when the injured worker was working two jobs at the time of the injury. Depending on the type of injury and how it occurred, there may be a dispute regarding which job the injury actually occurred at. This is...

Workers’ Compensation Cases in California

The California workers’ compensation attorneys at Kneisler and Schondel have handled a wide variety of cases in their many years in practice. Often, their clients come to them for assistance when various aspects of their workers’ compensation cases have been denied....

Have You Been Wrongfully Terminated Due to Work Injury?

If you have recently suffered a work-related injury in California, it is important to know your legal rights. While there are certain benefits you may be entitled to through your workers’ compensation claim, you should also be aware that it is illegal for your...

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