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How Does Workmans Comp Pay for Lost Wages?

A Santa Rosa workmans comp lawyer can help injured employees receive compensation that will replace some or all of their lost wages In California, employees who are injured at work are entitled to compensation. Workmans comp insurance (known in California as workers’...

20 Workers Compensation Terms You Must Know

Understanding California’s workers compensation system begins by becoming familiar with the terms an injured worker might encounter Pursuing a California worker’s compensation claim is easier when the injured employee understands the process. In the first part of a...

Workers Compensation Settlements for Back Injury

Obtaining a fair workers compensation settlement for a back injury requires careful attention to the nature and extent of the injury About 20% of workers’ compensation settlements involve back injuries. Unfortunately, it is often difficult for doctors to pinpoint the...

Taking Time Off for a Workplace Injury

A Santa Rosa workers’ compensation lawyer can help employees decide when and whether to return to work after a workplace injury Employees who suffer from a workplace injury are entitled to medical care that is paid by their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance...

How Much Is A Workers’ Comp Settlement?

A Santa Rosa workers’ compensation lawyer can help injured workers negotiate a favorable workers’ comp settlement Most workers’ compensation cases settle. When they do not settle, a Santa Rosa workers’ compensation lawyer can present the injured worker’s case to a...

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